sea salts

Carolina Flake Jar

  • Designed with professional and home chefs in mind, our flake salt is grown in a non-reactive container leaving no metallic aftertaste, placing it leagues above all other flake salts that we've tried.

Bourbon Barrel Smoke Flake jar

  • We wood smoked our Carolina Flake salt with aged oak bourbon barrels. The mild smokey aroma is balanced with a sweet finish that adds a delicate wood-fired taste to any dish.

Carolina Margarita Salt tin

  • Carolina Margarita Salt isn't just for ritas! Try it with a bloody mary or mix with sugar and sprinkle over the ice in your mojito.

smoked sea salt grinder

  • We took our original Charleston Sea Salt and smoked it with oak cut from our homestead. The complex taste of these beautifully dark crystals are a delightful addition to chili, rice, grilled meat and fishes.

Charleston sea salt grinder

  • Our gourmet finishing salt is carefully crafted for its texture and its distinguishing local taste. This vibrant salt will enhance the natural flavors of any dish and bring the taste of the South to your kitchen.

Red Mash Sea Salt grinder

  • We collaborated with our friends from Red Clay Hot Sauce by blending their Fresno pepper mash with our original sea salt resulting in a very mellow heat that bursts with flavor. Decadent on roasted corn, skewered shrimp and macaroni & cheese.