Banana w/ Peanut Butter Caramel

  • We just wouldn’t be Southern (or inspired) without an ode to Mr. Presley’s indulgent creation. This treat features banana gelato with ribbons of peanut butter caramel.


  • This is about as Southern as it gets! Our bourbon gelato is layered with local pecans and homemade caramel. It’s your after dinner drink and dessert all in one.


  • We start with some rich chocolate of the highest quality and mix in our local dairy mix to create the smoothest dark chocolate gelato you will find anywhere. This creamy treat appeals to all chocolate lovers!


  • We proudly use locally roasted, direct trade beans to make this flavor. The beans are cooked in our dairy mix to give you a smooth and balanced treat. Why drink coffee when you can eat this?


  • Our honey fig gelato features delicious black mission figs complimented by wildflower honey from North Georgia and a hint of cinnamon. The rich honey coupled with the figs creates a perfectly balanced flavor!


  • Our peppermint bark gelato is a perfect balance of peppermint and chocolate. What started off as a seasonal flavor was so well received that we now offer it year-around. One spoonful of this minty creamy goodness and we promise you’ll be back for more.


  • Ribbons of our own golden-brown handmade sea-salted caramel are layered into each batch of our vanilla gelato making each spoonful of this treat perfectly smooth and slightly salty. This is one take on sea-salted caramel you won’t forget!

Snacks on a Plane

  • “Snacks on a Plane” is our tribute to Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines. We start off with a biscoff gelato base and layer in pretzels, peanuts and our signature handmade caramel sauce for the perfect balance of sweet, salty and crunchy.

Vanilla Bean

  • So what makes our vanilla bean gelato so special? We start with our fresh local dairy mix and a touch of the highest-quality vanilla bean extract and vanilla bean flacks- the end! The beauty of this flavor is the simplicity of the recipe.



  • The Georgia peach is the star of this show! We use fresh Georgia peaches along with our smooth and sweet mango puree to give you a wonderful & refreshing combination.


  • The secret to our raspberry sorbet is to keep is simple and let Mother Nature do all the work. A fresh puree of raspberries are whipped to a perfectly smooth texture, and each spoonful will leave you wanting more.


  • This light & refreshing offering is our most popular sorbet. For a truly Southern delight, top it off with a dash of sea-salt.