allen - Sales Rep for Atlantic coast and Columbia, sc

Allen is a Charleston, SC native and wouldn't have it any other way. He spends his free time outdoors - especially on the water (salt only, don't get him started on lakes). Other than hanging out with his wife and son his favorite activity is kayaking through the marshes around Charleston and trying not to get lost. He also knows a thing or two about good food, which is why he's chosen to "bring the goods." 

austin - Sales Rep for Atlanta, chattanooga & Nashville

Austin loves UGA football, audiobooks, his career here at Perfect 10 Foods, and sitting on beaches as opposed to walking on them. He has an embarrassing passion for musicals. But his favorite things are his awesome wife, new daughter and goofy German Shepard.

Corey - Charlotte region Operations manager

Corey wakes up at 5am just for fun, yes seriously he's up before the sun rises just to come and see your smiling face! This guy loves a good meal, hanging out with his family and helping his girlfriend's soap company take on the likes of Amazon.

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jim - Sales rep for Greenville, athens & north georgia

Jim loves kayaking, fly fishing in North Georgia and Nebraska football (notice the similarities to Lib). He also likes to get into trouble with the grandkids who know him as Grumpy. You'll mostly find him creating something and working on the next project. "Never trust a skinny food sales rep!"


Jobe - sales rep for Atlanta, Birmingham & Huntsville

Native Atlantan who's been hustlin fries, spinning vinyl and hitting the links. Please see photo for more.

lib - accounts receivable manager

When Lib isn't focused on keeping the P10 books up to date she likes to kayak, plant flowers in the yard, hike and spend time with her family - namely her grandson Eli and granddaughter June, don't get their names confused! Also there is nobody who's truer to Nebraska Cornhusker football.


Nick Headshot.jpg


After receiving a law degree, and serving a stint as a prosecutor, Nick joined his brother Steven as a founding member of King of Pops and now heads up Perfect 10 Foods. Everywhere he goes he wins awards, including the prestigious Penn State Ice Cream School. Nick is an Eagle Scout, has been to more than 50 countries and hates cold sandwich meat.

sam - Charleston region operations manager

Sam did a stint in the Charleston culinary world, he'd say the best in the world, before joining King of Pops in production and transitioning to Perfect 10. His wife and 2 kids keep him busy when he's not hustlin' around the lowcountry.


Shawn - atlanta region operations manager

After a stunning high school basketball career he decided to focus on tennis and fantasy baseball. He literally plays every day. He's also a hustler through and through.


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josh - sales rep for charlotte, raleigh, asheville, greenville

This guy has seen it all taekwondo championships, bar management, whitewater and everything in between but what will really blow your socks off is his food knowledge, just ask I promise your mind will be blown.

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tim - REgional Logistics

You couldn’t find a nicer guy or a faster friend but where his real talents shine are in making music, you gotta hear the beats he produces. Also not too bad at getting out of a jam and looks pretty good on his bike as he cruises by.

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tess - atlanta region account rep

Tess loves her dogs, traveling and smiling big enough to light up the room. Always good vibes and always a great person to call on with any question you might have. She truly exemplifies Southern charm.

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nicholas - atlanta region account rep

This guy’s got high style, can out dance you, is probably the toughest movie critic you’ll find and has the biggest smile out there! He’s been slinging pops from the way back and can help make the best of any situation.

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david - atlanta region account rep

Never a better Baltimore fan be it the Ravens or the Orioles, he just really doesn’t care. But what he truly cares about is his family, he always puts them first. In addition, he’s always hustlin, always caring and always excited for the next big thing!