Vegan, Dairy-free Gelato

Cardamom Kiss

  • Warm, seductive cardamom (aka "Queen of Spices") matches perfectly with the subtle sweetness of orange blossom. Kissed with a hint of vanilla, they combine for one exotic experience. Yes, these are three classic aphrodisiacs... share it wisely.

Chocolate Fantasy

  • Imagine combining the deep, complex flavor of dark chocolate with the satin smoothness of fine milk chocolate. What you get is ultra creamy, intensely chocolatey, and with a slightly dry finish. If that reads to you like a fine wine, it's with good reason: let it breathe and it gets even better.

Majestic Mango

  • Alphonso mango is the variety that has come to be known as 'King of Mangoes' due to its silky smooth texture and enchanting aroma. Naturally, we settle for nothing less than the best (and lots of it). With a thick, velvety body and bright flavor, this is gelato fit for royalty.

Nekkid Espresso

  • Our single-origin coffee comes from an Atlanta micro-roaster whose family has been growing the beans sustainably in the mountains of Nicaragua for six generations. They're called "Dirty Nekkid" because they are processed using a natural 'unwashed' method that retains the beans' inherent sweetness. We take those beans and cold-brew them to deliver that flavor profile intact.

Orange Dream

  • It starts when you open the lid to the scent of fresh orange. Then the gelato hits your palate and flavors arrive in waves. Top notes of bright orange zest slowly fade and blend with the smooth vanilla, cut with a pleasant tang from the orange juice. Did you swoon a little? The spoon dips back in...

Triple Vanilla

  • We take issue with the reputation vanilla has earned as being "plain." Our version highlights the rich complexity of the second-most expensive spice in the world by combining three distinctive varieties-- Madagascan, Mexican, and Tahitian-- to provide balanced and full-bodied flavor from start to finish. Fantastic on its own, it will also beautifully complement nearly anything you wish to pair with it.